Living in Australia

I have been living in Australia for 10 years up to now. Now my life here seems to be under a big transition. I went through a lot since September last year. My world has completely turned upside down unexpectedly.

Currently, my main issue is to find a decent place where I can stay with my doggy Ted. Today is D-6. I am selling everything except my clothes, some kitchen items, a bed, a fridge, and a washing machine. Yet, I have not decided where to move in or have not started looking for a place yet, as I am not in a position to afford even a small rent that my friend offered for her spare bedroom. My account is already overdrawn. What else can I say?

Plus, as my friend’s apartment is not a pet-friendly building, I am not feeling comfortable with a idea of having to separate from Ted and to look for someone who can look after Ted temporarily. This idea is cruel to Ted and me.

In 10 years of living in Australia, I realise that the hardest thing is not dealing with racism. The hardest thing is having no family or relative who can unconditionally support me..


2017 Resolutions

Last week, I completed making my 2017 resolutions. They are achievable upon my efforts. They will help me to live a happier life this year, learning to look after myself.

The resolutions are:

  1. Maintain 52kg of the current weight
  2. Back to workplace
  3. Pay off 50% of the credit card bills
  4. Buy no clothes and shoes until 30 June 2017
  5. Dinner at 360 Bar and Dining restaurant one night
  6. Join martial arts/self-defence class
  7. Visit Korea for 2-3 weeks
  8. Visit Perth for up to 1 week
  9. Full driver licence
  10. Australian citizenship